Pursuit of Happiness

stay true.

#cosmichollow shirts with this on the back will be available soon. Feel free to let us know if you want one, so we can get an idea on how many we should make. The EP is in the mastering process too! Chuck us a like on FB too if you haven’t already 💝 (at 🌵👽🌞🍄💀)
More than one ace view tonight. Experiencing #thenational at the Sydney Opera House. #sydney (at Sydney Opera House Forecourt)
Today is the birthday of my life long best mate @jlfpollock. Thank you for the memories, the insights and the burritos over the past 10 years. It’s been a blast, I love you mate. I love you almost as much as burritos. Imagine free burritos for a year, that would be rad… @beach_burrito_co #bbcgt #bbcmex #JP21 (at Beach Burrito Company)
Today I worked on the opening day of the wonderful @tuckshopcoffee , a perfect testament to the hombres and main men of the @thebaron_yourlocal . Twas fun. 👏 Photo: @tonybelonie 👌#tuckshopcoffee  (at The Tuckshop)
My sexy boss in his sexy new shop. Come check us out. @tuckshopcoffee  (at The Tuckshop 🍦)
Toats free tonight? Us 4 misfits are playing at the Captain Cook Hotel around 9:30 in Surry Hills, and it’s 100% free. What better way to celebrate #straya than slamming a few schooies with us and the other battlers. #cosmichollow #captaincookhotel  (at The Captain Cook Hotel)
Party time, excellent. #waynesworld #partytime #90s happy birthday @dragonsam84  (at The Baron)
🐉 I even want my future children to be tattood by @true_grim . #tattoo #dragontattoo #oldschooltattoo  (at LDF Tattoo)
Thanks @ryansux (and @icomichael )for these beautiful skin beaters. I hope I will summon the power within! #theamityaffliction #drumsticks #yougo (at The Baron)